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Electronic transfer

Electronic transfer engineered for the automations of the multiple stamping operations in one press.
The electronic transfer is available in different executions, with advancement stroke up to 1500 mm, bars opening up to 2500 mm and lifting stroke up to 200 mm.
It stands out for the high flexibility for what concerns the programming of the axis runs, the speeds and the accelerations and the angles of movement according to the different dies to be automated, as well as for the perfect synchronization with the press movement by means of CNC cards and brushless motors with absolute encoders for position recording.
Near the traditional type of functioning with mechanically or pneumatically operated pick-up systems, the CROSSBAR configuration as well as the VACUUM CUPS PICK-UP have been already developed to fit with all types of stamped parts to be moved.
The electronic transfer can be completed with conveyor belts or sheet and pre-shared blanks loading systems, of different types according to the requirements of the stamping line.

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